From 'Managers' and 'Owners' department

Bob Brion

President and manager of the Southern Office

President and manager of the Southern Office – Bob started the company 43 years ago and the company wears his name.  Bob keeps the pulse of the business and sells directly in the southern part of our core area.  Bob works in all market disciplines the company serves.

Al Vosper

National Sales Manager

National Sales Manager – Al has been with Brion for 5 years and manages the Dallas operations as well as all sales efforts.  Al works in commercial, MTU, MDU, and L&I markets.  Al has earned SBCA certification and serves as the system designer for the Dallas office.
Customer Service

Sandra Garza

Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Manager – Sandra has been with Brion for 11 years.  Besides managing our tech schedule, Sandra works closely with our Commercial, Multi story office buildings, and Multi Dwelling Unit customers to assure they get the programming they want and handles any service issues that may arise.

Marsela Ortiz

Customer Care

Customer Care – Marsela has been with Brion for 3 years and works with MDU customers and assists in scheduling of tech services.  Marsela also manages our inventory and warehouse, issues purchase orders.  Marsela is bi-lingual and helps with our Spanish speaking customers.

Jay Durkin

Sales - Commercial and Lodging/Institutional

Sales Representative Commercial and Lodging/Institutional markets.  Jay has been with Brion for 9 years and serves the downtown Dallas and near north suburbs commercially and the L&I market throughout Dallas and Collin Counties.

Jesse Acuna

Director - Commercial and MDU

Director of Commercial and MDU markets.  Jesse manages several multi-dwelling properties and works to further develop the commercial and multi-story business in Tarrant County.

Ray Jones

Senior Technician

Senior Technician – Ray has been with Brion for about 20 years and has experience in all areas we serve.  Ray has expanded our service in fiber-optic areas and has done quite a bit in the medical field.  Ray is fully SBCA certified with DIRECTV.

Chad Good

Senior Technician

Senior Technician – Chad has been with Brion for 9 years and spans the full gamut of our core business.  Chad also is a music specialist and designs and installs commercial sound systems.  Chad is fully SBCA certified with DIRECTV.

Brian Scott

Service Technician

Service Technician – Brian has been with Brion for 10 years and has spent a lot of his time in Multi-Dwelling complexes.  Brian is also well versed in multi-story DIRECTV installations.  Brain is fully SBCA certified with DIRECTV

Jeff Mitchell

Service Technician

Service Technician - Jeff has been working with us for a couple of years.  Is SBCA certified, and has a lot of experience in Prison systems with RF signal, balancing, as well as fiber connections.  Works very well with all of our customers and we receive good reports from the field.  Is not afraid of tackeling projects.  A good tech to have on our team.

James Mabrey

Service Technician

Service Technician –James has recently joined our company as a technician wanting to learn all about DirecTV. He is a very fast learner and is about to receive his certification on DirecTV.  Also enjoys meeting all our customers.  He should do very well.

Kayla Beatty

Service Technician

Service Technician – Kayla has joined our firm from the construction area, has a wonderful smile and laugh. Works with all the crew members and we believe she will do well in the DirecTV arena.  Quick learner and she is taking all the SBCA testing to become a certified technician.
Accounting and Financial

Noe Palacios

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer – Noe has been with Brion for 11 years and oversees the entire financial side of the business.  Now manages our credit lines, cash flow, and all banking relationships.

Amanda Rodriguez


Accountant - Amanda has been with Brion for one year and performs several accounting tasks.  Among many other things, Amanda does all the invoicing and keeps track of all technicians’ job reports.

Sandra Broadnax

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant – Sandra has recently returned to Brion after a short leave of absence.  Sandra works in the Brion call center, and keeps track of our marketing efforts and budgets.


About our Founder

Brion Enterprises, Inc was founded by Robert Brion in 1970; as a small company named B & H Antenna Services, selling and installing rooftop antennas and large satellite dishes.  The Company was incorporated in 1978 as B & H Antenna.  The name was changed to Brion Enterprises, Inc. (BEI) in 2005, further reflecting the corporations’ rapid expanding business model and dropping the B & H Antenna name.